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Post Event Survey: Webster Groves City Council Town Hall Meeting - 2/11/2019

  1. On February 11th, the City Council of Webster Groves held a Town Hall meeting at the Webster Groves Public Library. As we consider additional public engagement events, we would like feedback from those of you who were able to attend as well as those who could not be there. Thank you for sharing your perspective with us. (Survey deadline - March 15, 2019)

  2. 1. Did you attend the Town Hall meeting on February 11 at the Webster Groves Public Library?

  3. 3. How did you hear about the Town Hall?

  4. 4. How satisfied were you with the location of the Town Hall meeting?

  5. 5. How satisfied were you with the timing of the Town Hall meeting?

  6. 10. Why did you not attend the Town Hall? (Choose all that apply)

  7. 11. Would you be more likely to attend if a Town Hall was scheduled in your neighborhood?

  8. 12. When would you be most likely to attend? (Choose all that apply)

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