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Historic Preservation Commission

Date:  June 18, 2014

Time:  Regular Meeting, 7:30 pm

Location:  Webster Groves City Hall, 4 E. Lockwood







Todd Meyer (Chair)



Jennifer Grotpeter (A)



Norma Bolin (A)



Ryan Gregg



Bridget Keitel



Elyse McBride (Recording Secretary)



Frank Janoski



Lanna Skadden



Bill Stancil







Also Present:

Anne Tolan, Council Member (E)



Mike Harney, Building Commissioner (E)



Claudia Hartman, Permit Technician






Public Hearing:




Regular Meeting:


1.  Approval of Meeting Minutes ? May 21, 2014:

            May meeting minutes were forwarded to Mike Harney, but he was not in attendance.


2.  Tuxedo Park Survey:

            Elyse McBride indicated that she examined the plats for Tuxedo Park at City Hall.  Tuxedo Park extends from Layfayette to Yeatman and from Newport to Marshall and is comprised of twenty-some blocks.  This is too large of an area to complete timely research for a historic district.  Elyse will attempt to review fire insurance maps to determine how the subdivision developed.




3.  WGHS/HPC June 14, 2014 meeting:

            Todd Meyer attended the WGHS meeting held on June 14th.  He indicated to them that the HPC would like to include a list of century homes on the City website.  However a list of Century Homes is not readily accessible.  The HPC would like to include a link to the WGHS information on the procedure for obtaining a century plaque on the City website, as well.  Todd indicated that the WGHS has a new archivist.


The city would also like to aid in the scanning of information and documents held by the WGHS to make them available to the public.  The development of a task force to include the HPC, WGHS and Library to determine a process for making the materials held by the WGHS accessible was suggested.  Jennifer Grotpeter will look into pricing for scanning and the possibility of a donation of scanning, or if a volunteer could be utilized.  It was also suggested that monies for this project could be raised through a crowd sourcing application such as Kickstarter.  Prior to the next meeting Ryan Gregg will attempt to visit the WGHS to see what items are included in their collections.


4.  WU/HPC Lecture Series:

            Two dates each for the Fall and Spring lectures were presented, all Wednesdays.  The fall dates are October 15th or 29th, and the spring dates are February 25th or March 4th.  It was decided that October 29th and February 25th were best.  The lectures will take place in Moore Auditorium with a reception to follow.  The fall lecture will be by Esley Hamilton on the importance of Historic Preservation.  The spring lecture will be by Jeffery Howe on the context of late 19th century architecture.  Claudia Hartman will check on possible conflicts with community events.


5.  Secretary of the Interior?s Historic Preservation Award 2014:

            Todd Meyer presented this as an item to consider.  The nominee must be a member of a State or Local government.  The HPC will discuss nominating Esley Hamilton at the next meeting.


6.  Awards of Excellence:

            Awards of Excellence will be presented in November.  The HPC has been asked to provide a judge.  The judging will take place one evening in September.  Typically 10-15 projects are submitted with photos and descriptions.  The projects are discussed by the judges on a mutually agreed upon date.  Ryan Gregg volunteered to be the HPC representative.



Other Business:


1. 705 Greeley:

            A new plan for 705 Greeley has been submitted to the ARB.  An Ordinance concerning in-fill housing was discussed.  If developers are aware of the requirements prior to purchase, then they cannot use a hardship argument.   There needs to be a way to link new plans to demolition permits.  This once again ties into the need for landmark or district designation to protect historic homes.  Todd Meyer will forward the Savannah, GA historic preservation ordinance to Mike Harney.  An article on the landmark process and its benefits in the local paper or the Community Connection may help to educate the community.



The next HPC meeting will be held July 16, 2014.


Frank Janoski moved that the meeting be adjourned and Lanna Skadden seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.