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Historic Preservation Commission

Date:  April 16, 2014

Time:  Regular Meeting, 7:30 pm

Location:  Webster Groves City Hall, 4 E. Lockwood







Todd Meyer (Chair)






Norma Bolin (A)



Ryan Gregg



Bridget Keitel



Elyse McBride (Recording Secretary)



Frank Janoski



Lanna Skadden



Bill Stancil







Also Present:

Anne Tolan, Council Member (E)



Mike Harney, Building Commissioner (E)






Public Hearing:




Regular Meeting:


1.  Approval of Meeting Minutes – March 19, 2014:

            After review of the minutes, Frank Janoski moved that the minutes be approved and Lanna Skadden seconded.  The meeting minutes were approved.


2.  WKT Article:

            Norma Bolin and Frank Janoski have reviewed Ryan Gregg’s letter about 705 Greeley and made comments.  Todd Meyer will review these comments and edit the letter.  Additional comments should be sent to Mike Harney.  It was decided that it will be submitted as a letter to the editor of the WKT.  Mike Harney will run it by the City’s PR person to make it newspaper friendly.  It was also decided that all the names of the commissioners will be added to the letter.  Ann Tolen will be notified in order that she can advise the City Council that the letter is being submitted.




3.  705 Greeley - Century Home (Demolition)

            The house at 705 Greeley has been sold to Freeman Homes and they have requested a subdivision of the lot.  The HPC hopes that an experienced contractor demolishes the house and that parts of it will be able to be salvaged.  A demolition permit has not as yet been requested.  The city intends to obtain a photograph of the house prior to demolition.  A photograph will also be submitted with the letter to the WKT.


4.  Building Photography:

            The photographs are complete.  Extraneous items are present in several of the photographs that detract from the subject of the photograph.


5.  Goal Setting Plan – Year 4 (2014):

            Several goals have been accomplished.  Brochures, photographs and inventory sheets are completed.

            NW Webster historic district is shelved for the time being.

            Several items are in progress.  Building Permit dates and numbers need to be added to the “At Risk” list.  Power Points for the training of the commission members is complete.  Power Points for the training of realtors and other boards and commissions, is progressing.  The website is moving forward.  A joint meeting to discuss cooperation between the HPC and the WG Historical Society was discussed.  The HPC would like to form a partnership to further both groups’ interests.  The HPC would also like to determine a way to solicit residents to nominate their homes as City Landmarks.


6.  Budget:

The HPC budget has been approved for $1500 for Photography and $1500 for the Historic Preservation Lecture Series.  These monies will be set up and can be spent after July 1, 2014.



Other Business:


1.  House Tour:

            A suggestion was made to conduct a house tour to raise funds for the photography of historic homes.  Norma Bolin spoke with representatives of Art & Air and they objected to holding it during their event.  Don Drissell was enthusiastic about the event.  It could be modeled on the Hixson House Tour.  It was questioned if the commission had the authority to raise funds.  It was suggested that the houses that were given Awards of Excellence be placed on the tour. Advance tickets could be sold as well as “day of” tickets.  The tour would require the assistance of approximately 100 volunteers. 


2.  Conduct of Public Hearing:

            The public hearing for the lot split at Webster University was discussed.  The HPC determined that the notice requirements were not adequate for the neighboring properties and residents.  Mike Harney indicated that the HPC ordinance has not been revised for 15 years.  The HPC determined that it will address revisions to the ordinance.  The HPC would also like to notify the ARB that public hearings they conduct are of importance to the HPC.


The next HPC meeting will be held May 21, 2014.


Frank Janoski moved that the meeting be adjourned and Norma Bolin seconded.  The meeting was adjorned.