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Historic Preservation Commission

Date:  October 16, 2013

Time:  Regular Meeting, 7:30 pm

Location:  Webster Groves City Hall, 4 E. Lockwood







Todd Meyer (Chair)



Norma Bolin (A)



Ryan Gregg



Bridget Keitel



Elyse McBride (Recording Secretary)



Frank Janoski



Lanna Skadden



Bill Stancil










Also Present:

Anne Tolan, Council Member (E)



Mike Harney, Building Commissioner (E)





Regular Meeting:


It was noted that Dottie Alexander and Greg Falk were termed out.



1.    Introduction of Ryan Gregg: Ryan introduced himself. He has a PhD in Art from John Hopkins University. Ryan is interested in period in history from 1780 – 1920 specifically urban history and changes to cities. He moved to Webster Groves 5 years ago and has 2 young children. He is a Professor of Art History at Webster University.



2.    17 Denver Place – Demolition of a Century Home: Mike Harney had sent a memo on October 10th about this building being demolished. Building is over 100 years old but is not a historic landmark, not located within a historic district and not identified on the “at risk” list. As such does not require a Certificate of Appropriateness for demolition. The building will be taken down and a new single family dwelling is proposed.



3.    Approval of Minutes – September 18, 2013: A typo was noted in the minutes. Frank Janoski moved that the minutes be approved and Lanna Skadden seconded.  The minutes were approved.


Discussion took place regarding the owners of 532 Lee Ave’s position opposing the Historic Landmark nomination.


It was suggested that “recognition” in the form of a framed document or plaque be looked into. The recognition should be evaluated for suitability to inside or outside display.


It was suggested that the homeowner be involved earlier in the process to gain a perspective on the homeowner’s position on the nomination.


It was suggested that the formality of the “Letter of Intent to Nominate” and the “Notice of Public Hearing” be toned down.



4.    Photography of Historic Properties: Changed submittal format from TIFF to Jpeg to accommodate the City’s web page. Identified that there are 39 Historic Landmarks. Changed bid due date to October 31st at 5:00 pm. Project must be completed by April 1, 2014. Direct mailing bidding process used in lieu of formal bid opening process. If commission members are aware of other interested parties, those parties should contact Mike Harney for a packet of information.


Mike Harney and Elyse McBride will review bids.



5.    HPC Goal Setting Plan – Year 4 (2014): Commission discussed the goals under the Goal Setting Plan – Year 3 (2013) transitioning to the Goal Setting Plan – Year 4 (2014)


n  In house training

a.    Certificate of Appropriateness for demolition

b.    Set aside one night per year for Commission education (set up 3 presentations and cycle)

n  Modify existing power points to create documents that can be used for public education. Consider continuing education credit recognition as an incentive for attendees.

n  Identify method of “recognition” for being designated as a City-designated Historic Landmark. (may be budget considerations)

a.    Reception similar to the Awards in Excellence

b.    Plaque similar to the “Century Plaque” by the Historical Society or framed document (suitable for interior or exterior display)



n  Identify additional locations for consideration of Historic Landmark

a.    9 S Bompart Ave (Emmanual Episcopal church)

b.    440 Selma Ave (Thomas Young House)

c.    Others

n  Continue sub-committee for

a.    Brochures

b.    Historic Districts

n  Brochures

a.    Benefits of being a City-designated Historic District

b.    Educational Brochure on Historic Preservation

c.    Economic Benefits of Operating a business in a Historic District

d.    Frequently Asked Questions – Being a City-designated Historic Landmark

n  Complete the web site – Add photos



6.    Other Business:

n  Table Northwest Webster Historic District

n  920 Albany Ct – Century home to be demolished (November meeting)

n  Annual Certified Local Government Report submitted

n  State Historic Preservation Office Certified Local Government liaison retired Rebecca Rost is new contact

n  Recognize owners of landmark properties possibly with a reception.



The next HPC meeting will be held November 20, 2013.



Bridget Keitel moved that the meeting be adjourned and Lanna Skadden seconded.  The meeting was adjourned.