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Crossroads Special Taxing District






Meeting Date:                            

Tuesday,  January 17, 2011

Meeting Called to Order:

8:35 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:

                                 9:25 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

                 Tuesday, February 21, 2012











Heidi Butts-Wiegand



Alan Nehring



Kay Ramsey



Julie Campbell



Jeff Sanders



John Lark



Bob Springer






Toni Hunt-Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir., Planning/Development-Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Ken Rimmel



Richard Scholl







January 17, 2012


1.    Approval Of Minutes From November 15, 2011: Chairman Springer offered a motion to approve. John affirmed first, Julie seconded and the minutes were approved with no objections. No Visitor Comments. Proposed Vacant Building Law: Roger said that work continues on the proposed law. Less than 12 buildings are chronic problem properties. John asked if these owners are paying their property taxes; Roger responded yes. Currently Council believes the higher registration fee of $500 is not likely to have the desired effect since property owners do not appeared motivated by money. However, there is some interest in progressively higher fees in subsequent years. There’s also a possibility that the law will be renamed “Abandoned Buildings” instead of “Vacant Buildings”. Roger added that compared to other cities with registration laws for vacant buildings, Webster has a number of exceptions that would exclude those properties where the owners were legitimately trying to sell or lease their property. Parks Department Landscaping: Shawnell was not present, so no update was available. Ads In Webster/Kirkwood Times: Heidi was not present, but in an e-mail she said she will meet with officials when she gets back in town. Webster Arts Commission Proposed Sculpture: Bob S. has been exchanging e-mails with Judy Mann, and informed her that Julie & Alan will be our sub-committee in this matter. The City has also pledged money to the artist for the proposed sculpture. Julie conveyed to the Arts Commission that Crossroads is all for a sculpture, but not the proposed piece (distraction, kinetic issues of its height, youngsters playing with it). The Commission told Julie they appreciate our honesty. Julie proposed a sculpture tribute to the late Bob Cassilly; this generated some interest. John added that a Cassilly tribute would fit in well with the “HOK Flexible Spaces” plan which would spotlight “little pockets” where sculptures could be placed. Because we have limited space we should emphasize this to the artist, and see what he/she can come up with. John would like to meet with Julie & Alan to discuss proposals, and come up with more concrete ideas. John also proposed that after our first sculpture, our second one could be decided via a competition. As an example he said the city of Wildwood received 5,000-6,000 entries from around the world for a similar project. Alan reported that the Commission requested Crossroads Board come up with some ideas about sculptures. Bob S. asked if we’d contribute money for any sculpture placed in Elm/Bend Park. Alan emphasized that the entrance to our District must have a spectacular piece; this would cost way more than $2,500 (possibly $200,000). Kay asked how many metro St. Louis communities could afford $200,000 for a sculpture. John responded that much of Chicago’s art work is privately funded. Bob feels that the Arts Commission is recognizing our concerns He added that during our 2012-13 budget process, we may need to devote much more money to art-related matters. Concrete Vs. Asphalt Curb Repairs: Various District curbs continue to crumble and worsened by the recent snow storm. A decision remains as to whether the District uses some of its funds for repairs. Also, help from St. Louis County would be appreciated, although being put on their improvements list likely means any work is 1.5 to 2 years in the future. There is strong opposition to using asphalt because it doesn’t hold up adequately. Bob S. suggested we contact Pat Dolan (the St. Louis County Council rep for the Webster Groves area), and have him view the damage in person. John added that witnessing actual damages would carry weight in getting St. Louis County assistance. RR Station Update: The six week Christmas holiday sessions produced a steady flow of visitors. However no records were set. The Suburban Journal recently featured the station in a front page article. KSDK Channel 5’s “Show Me St. Louis” featured a 2 min., 45 sec. segment on Monday, January 16 on the RR station & its activities. The Tuesday operating hours are 7 p.m.-8:30 p.m.; the KSDK website had the incorrect times of 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m. (former hours). Ken passed out issues of the official St. Louis Visitor Guide. Page 43 under attractions features information about the RR Club. In February Sprout and About Magazine will write an article and take pictures of the RR Club. Ken reports the building is holding up ok, and there are no leaks. He will resume work on grant requests with the main focus being funding for replacement of the 7,200 SF roof. Agenda Items For February 21, 2012 meeting: Roger reminded us about the need to start working on our 2012-13 budget, so Bob asked Richard to include that on next month’s agenda. Additional items: Shawnell’s Landscaping Report, Arts Commission/Sculpture discussion, Curb Repairs, Proposed Vacant Buildings Law, Ads In Webster/Kirkwood Times & RR Building Update. Bob offered a motion for adjournment which was affirmed first by Julie and seconded by Kay; the meeting was adjourned at 9:25 a.m.