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Historic Preservation Commission

Date:  February 20, 2013

Time:  Regular Meeting, 7:30 pm

Location:  Webster Groves City Hall, 4 E. Lockwood






Todd Meyer (Chair)



Dottie Alexander (A)



Norma Bolin (A)



Greg Falk



Bridget Keitel



Elyse McBride (Recording Secretary)



Frank Janoski



Lanna Skadden



Bill Stancil







Also Present:

Anne Tolan, Council Member (E)



Mike Harney, BuildingCommissioner (E)




Public Hearing:



Regular Meeting:


1.  Introduction of Bill Stancil:

            New member Bill Stancil was introduced to the commission.


2.  Approval of Minutes – January 16, 2013:

            Frank Janoski moved that the minutes be approved and Lanna Skadden seconded.  The minutes were approved.      


3.  Training – Sunshine Law and Conflict of Interest (Starr)

City Attorney Helmut Starr conducted a training session for the commission that reviewed the Sunshine Law and Conflict of Interest.

The Missouri Sunshine Law requires that all public bodies, all Boards, Commissions and their subcommittees, are to conduct open meetings and have open records.  Meetings are to be conducted only after proper notice and in a public venue.  Public bodies can only act through meetings.  There are exceptions for closed session meetings.

Conflict of interest ordinances prevent members of any public body to engage in private interests that conflict with public duty.  One cannot use their official position for private benefit.  A member of the board cannot represent anyone before it until one year after the member’s term expires.


4.  “At Risk” Properties:

            A list of priority properties will be developed to be considered for nomination as city landmarks.  Once a property has been nominated as a landmark there is a 180 day moratorium on any proposed changes to the property.  The commission would like to revise the ordinance language to allow adequate protection for historically significant properties.


5.  Budget:

            Boards and Commissions are not automatically given a budget.  The commission needs to set priorities for monies.  The deadline for budget requests in the end of March and usually each commission is awarded expenditures based on budget requests and available funds.  Items for possible inclusion in next year’s budget include: photos of historic homes and buildings in the various districts, signs, brochures, and medallions.  It was also suggested that a historian be given a retainer for possible research into buildings that are landmark worthy.  This could be a yearly budget item.  Budget numbers will be discussed at the March meeting.


Other Business:


1.  Northwest Webster Historic District:

            Nothing new currently.


2.  Training:

            A.  Historic Preservation Ordinance.

                        This will be reviewed at the April meeting.

            B.  Mock Presentation

            C.  Secretary of Interior Standards

                        Items B. and C. will be presented at a meeting later this year.


3.  Brochures:

            It was suggested that very few of the brochures will be printed and that they will be available on the HPC/City website.


4.  HPC Goal Setting Plan:

            Elyse McBride will cross-reference the At Risk list and the inventory sheets received from St. Louis County.


5.  Web Page:

            Todd Meyer developed a schematic diagram for the web page.  It was suggested that links be added for the National Register, the Missouri State Register and St. Louis County Register.  It was also suggested that a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section be added.  Photos will make the web page more interesting.


The next HPC meeting will be held March 20, 2013.


Lanna Skadden moved that the meeting be adjourned and Greg Falk seconded.