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Crossroads Special Taxing District






Meeting Date:                            

    Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Meeting Called to Order:

8:40 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:

                                10:20 A.M.

Next Meeting Date:

Wednesday, May 26, 2010   











Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever



Kay Ramsey



Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark



Bob Springer



Davis Allen



Toni Hunt-Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir., Planning/Development-Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Bob Goetz




Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl

Carol Hodson

Julie Campbell

Bob Hill

Ralf/Linda Broughton

Maureen Fox

Paul Thomas, Jr.

Ron Pfeiffer

Robert O’Neill

Maureen Fox

ALL Present








       DATE: May 18, 2010

1. Approval of minutes from April 20, 2010: A motion was offered (John) & seconded (Kay) for approval. Visitor comments: Before opening the floor to visitor comments regarding the mural, Bob summarized his appearance before the Arts Commission on May 11. A recommendation from the Commission is needed before going to City Council. Later in the meeting, Roger said that a positive recommendation from the Arts Commission is good. However, the proposal can go before Council even with a negative recommendation. The Commission advises the Council, but Council makes the final decision This was in reference to the next Arts Commission meeting on June 21. Regarding the May 11 meeting, Bob Springer did not get a feeling yea or nay on the mural. Most questions asked by the Commission centered on Carol’s mural handout. One commission member asked for a sight plan. Others expressed concern that the train light on the mural could confuse elderly drivers. There was also a question about the RIGHT TURN ONLY traffic sign, and its proximity to the mural. Also, Bob Hill’s sign listing his tenants needs to be incorporated in the mural. Bob met with Ed Sneed, but Ed has yet to return the permission form. Ed’s sign will probably stay, but it is a distraction. Bob Springer presented three options for the Crossroads Board to consider: 1) Carol presents mural proposal as is to Arts Commission, 2) Ask Carol to tweak design or 3) Submittal of other artists’ proposals along with Carol’s directly to the Arts Commission. Visitor Ralf Broughton feels that since public money is being used there should be open representation by having, say 15 artists submit proposals and pick 5 as finalists, and then submit these 5 to the Arts Commission for evaluation. The Arts Commission did ask Bob if there are more than one proposal, and he gets the impression that the Board wants more than Carol’s proposal. Pauli expressed the need for people-involvement in the mural process. Bob emphasized the importance of opening up the design process because if our process is attacked, the Arts Commission will vote us down. Mr. Broughton continued: art can be either complimentary or derogatory, and that you can’t have “everyone jumping in to make decisions”. A commission needs to make the decision. He suggested architects be part of the process because they’re best positioned to judge what looks best on a building.  Pauli said that the District has a history of architectural design, and that we’ve developed into a community of individuals who care about their professions. Carol Hodson said that Julie Campbell approached her with pride & excitement about the mural, and added that there must be a shift to people stopping in Crossroads instead of just passing through. Carol proclaimed her love for Webster Groves, and because trains are unique to Webster, she feels they should be a part of the mural. Carol also supports opening the mural to competition if that’s what our Board decides. Linda Broughton noted that the whole design mood has shifted to modern. After listening to the various viewpoints, John Lark said he’s comfortable with the mural decision-making process used by the Board. This is a part of the eclectic District on which we’ve never capitalized, and Carol’s mural brings the RR station back in focus. He added that we want neither the Arts Commission nor the ARB telling us what to do. Ralf stated that everyone on the street should have a “vote” on what art goes into the District. Bob Springer said that it’s wonderful to have people show up at our meetings, and that before there was never a high level of interest to give input. Bob Hill said he likes the mural concept, but the problem is what to do with his tenant listing sign. He’s willing to move it to the east side of the building. Lisa handed out an updated mural picture, and added that the District has made great strides in the last 1.5 years. Mrs. Broughton thinks moving the mural to the east side would produce more visibility; Maureen Fox agreed. John summarized the HOK plan to Maureen: the various pockets of opportunity identified for development. Putting the mural on the east side near Elm/Bend Park would create “clutter”.  Julie Campbell said Carol should be allowed to present her design directly to the Arts Commission; John Lark agreed. The mural will bring vitality to the District, and other positive aspects could bring more tenants for Bob Hill. John said if Ralf would like to submit a proposal, he should. John emphasized that Kirkwood’s mural was initially looked upon negatively, but now it’s famous & well-liked. Carol added that aesthetics are subjective. A motion was offered by John, seconded by Bob Springer, and approved by a 4-0-2 vote for Carol to go before the Arts Commission June 21st with her design. Kay asked Bob if the Arts Commission could “kill” our proposal based on our decision-making process, and Bob said yes.  Bob Springer is unable to attend the June 21st  A.C. meeting, but John will go in his stead. John will also draft a letter of support with signatures of supporting Crossroads Board members. RR station: Lisa and Mark met with the RR personnel on last month. In addition to Ken Rimmel, three other RR club officials were in attendance: Interim President Paul Thomas, Jr., Robert O’Neill and Ron Pfeiffer. All are also Big Bend RR Club building trustees. Lisa said the train station is a “gem” of which we do not take advantage. She expressed hope that a grant could be obtained similar to what the new Webster’s farmer’s market received. Mark & Mr. O’Neill met about painting the RR bldg. Lead in the current coats of paint is an issue, but only if the paint is removed. If new paint is put over the old, the lead is not a problem because it’s encapsulated by the many years of previous paint. The building trim has been cleaned before. Mark suggested latex could be taken off and the trim sanded to make it more presentable. The batter board (12 inches of concrete) could perhaps be sanded and painted over. The stucco could be washed thoroughly before painting it. Mark was asked for an estimate of painting the building, and its $6,500.00 for entire outside (minus gutters and downspouts).Mr. O’Neill said cost-wise the cleaning & painting is doable. The building is basically ready to start painting, and Mark recommends two experienced and coordinated painters of his to spray the stucco with a high quality, fast drying Sherwin Williams paint.  Mark estimated the job would take 3 days and 2 coats paint to complete. Lisa said that although a major renovation of the building is needed, simply adding the paint would make it look “1000% better”. Lisa added that the west side green space is attractive for plantings Ken reviewed recent repairs, including a new water line. He is also working on the paperwork for a $42,000 grant to replace the current roof with a metal one. Mark said a new roof would not damage the planned paint job. The building has a 60 amp service with just a few 15 amp circuits which at the very least need load-balancing.. John said a dollar amount could be put on “in-kind” services to allow labor costs to be eligible for a matching beautification grant Ken and Messrs. Thomas, Pfeiffer & O’Neill emphasized that the most critical commitment they have is to keep current on building maintenance and keep the neighborhood happy, or else the building could be demolished (per their contractual agreement). Lisa expressed delight of having the station opened regularly as a tourist attraction, and advised us to find out what it would take to renovate. The charter of the RR Club mandates an open house one night per month (now the first Tuesday of the month). This is also when the Model Train Club meets. Through on-line searches, Lisa found out that much is being done on and around train stations in general. John expressed mixed feelings about starting paint work on the RR building, and recommended tabling the matter for further evaluation. Bob Springer said the Board is starting to spend money, and wants to help the RR station. Furthermore, perhaps a sharp-looking building would increase the chances of securing a grant for the new roof. Lisa expressed the need to invest in the RR property. John later changed his mind, and now supports painting the RR building. To allocate the $6,500.00 to go as far as possible, John suggested we “trade-off” dollars (i.e., the RR Club paint the lower portion trim). John offered a motion, seconded by Lisa, and approval was given to allocate $6,500.00 for RR building work with dollar tradeoffs. Agenda items for special meeting Wednesday, May 26, 2010 @ 8:30 a.m.: Improvement at Alma/Big Bend,  Alma parking lot clean-up, District mural/sculptures, vote on Lisa’s & Julie’s beautification grant requests, 4th of July plans, America In Bloom competition, other landscaping/infrastructure matters. The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 a.m.