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Crossroads Special Taxing District





Meeting Date:                            

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Meeting Called to Order:

 8:15 A.M.

Meeting Adjourned:


Next Meeting Date:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008









Lisa Abeln



Patricia Boever






Pauli Goetz



Jeff Sanders



John Lark




Jim Onder



Kay Ramsey



Bob Springer









Kathy Hart, Council Liaison



Roger Grow, Dir. of Planning/Development- Staff Liaison



Kathy Kinderfather-Residential Liaison



Ken Rimmel




Richard Scholl



David Bookless (for Roger)





Bob Goetz








1. Approval of Minutes from November 6, 2007

A motion was introduced  and seconded to approve the November minutes.

  1. District Direction/Improvement & Grant Program

Architectural input: John has spoken to an official from SLCC @ Meramec's Architectural Technology Dept.  The Board must clearly define what it would like to achieve and better establish short-term & long-term goals. Do we want to emphasize streetscape improvements, building improvements or both?  Financing is also an aspect which needs to be examined.  Continuity is also important in terms of buildings blending together, but this doesn't necessarily mean everything must look the same. Lisa said giving a history of our District to the architectural officials would aid their work. A discussion arose about what is expected from Meramec students during their evaluation of the District. Will it be strictly a presentation of ideas, or will it also include implementation of their ideas? It was decided to ensure that implementation of ideas is not a criterion for their course grade. We must make clear that we're looking for ideas only on how to visually improve the District. Long-term parking needs will be handled on private basis. *To gain additional parking, Tom Rogers has been interested in razing the first house directly behind Porter Paints, but the City has denied that request citing it as a character house. Lisa reported that during her Christmas lights tour with Kathy Kinderfather, only one person expressed non-interest in pursuing property improvements. Grant Program: A discussion started about revamping the Facade Program process. Who on the Board will administer it? Does the Board have authority to add conditions to a submitted application which determine acceptance or rejection? Because of public money being used for projects the Board has an ethical responsibility to add certain conditions. Instead of a separate committee, it was decided that the Crossroads Board should make decisions regarding grant approvals. If necessary, a separate meeting could be convened to discuss only beautification grants. Kay and John will get together to compose a clear scope of conditions the Board will be looking for in evaluating proposals. They will send out a PDF e-mail to other Board members when their work is complete.



3. Annual District-wide meeting (Tuesday, February 26, 2008)

This will start at 8 am with a “meet and greet” session over coffee and donuts.  Lisa will arrange coffee and Kay will provide Schnucks donuts. Lisa will also reserve the meeting room at the Rec Center. Lisa will also mail out invitations which will include a thank you for participating in the Christmas light display. Richard will compose the meeting agenda, and e-mail it to Board members. Jim will start with a general introduction welcoming everyone. Also, each guest can introduce themselves. Pauli will recognize and give thanks to area residents who have been helpful over the years in assisting her and Bob.  A sign-in sheet will be available as well as name tags. It was suggested that a map of the District be displayed as well as a design of the new banners. Lisa will review projects undertaken by the District as well as talking about our budget and what the District is hoping to accomplish in the coming fiscal year. It was decided not to mention the tax rate modification. John will address the District vision along with the architectural ideas. He will also explain the Beautification Grant Program. Various Board members will solicit ideas from the group and get feedback. Mentioning the banners will be effective in promoting the Crossroads District. Because the District is limited in the number of people, it's important to network with others to get acquainted. This meeting also presents  a wonderful opportunity to gauge interest in possible board candidates.  Having someone with a copy of our budget would greatly assist us in discussing goals with our guests. It was decided that anyone who wants to attend is welcome, not just merchants and owners. Also having City staff (Roger, Mayor Welch, & Kathy Hart, representing Council) would be helpful. Lisa will send a universal invitation to Roger.

4. Agenda Items For Next Regular Meeting (March 18, 2008): LT/ST objectives,

architectural matters, 2008-09 FY budget, tax rate modification, District survey/parking, Board candidates, review of District-wide meeting.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

*Editor's footnote: Roger asked me to include this clarification regarding the 437 S. Elm Ave home behind Porter Paints. “According to Planning Director Roger Grow, the City has not received any application from anyone during his 15 year-tenure seeking to demolish the house at 437 S. Elm, nor has he been approached informally regarding this matter. Demolition of the dwelling is a simple process, not subject to any City legislative approval or arbitrary administrative determination. Consequently, it is unlikely anyone has ever filed an application with the City to demolish the building”.