Webster Groves Tax Increment Financing Commission


Tax increment financing (“TIF”) is a method to encourage redevelopment of a “blighted area” or a “conservation area,” as defined under Missouri law.

The law authorizes cities and counties to adopt a redevelopment plan that provides for the redevelopment of a designated area, and to use TIF to fund a portion of the project costs. The net effect of tax increment financing is to permit a developer to use a portion of property taxes that otherwise would be paid on the completed project to repay all or a portion of the development costs. In this manner, future tax increases are not abated, but rather are used to fund costs of the redevelopment project.

Read more about how TIF works and the public's role in redevelopment


The City of Webster Groves is seeking interested applicants for potential appointment to the TIF Commission.  

UPDATE: Applications will close on Monday, August 2 at 9pm!

Requirements & Expectations

  • Able to attend monthly or more frequent meetings at City Hall or via Zoom through the remainder of 2021.
  • Have a basic understanding of property taxes and public spending.
  • Be committed to providing honest assessment and critical thinking to TIF proposed projects.
  • Bear no conflict of interest or personal stake in any proposal before the TIF Commission.


To apply for the TIF Commission, please click here. 


If you need more information please see this paper describing TIF and the Commission or contact the staff liaison.
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  3. Douglass Hill Proposed Redevelopment Area
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The TIF commission conducts the public hearings required under the TIF Act, and makes recommendations to the governing body of the municipality concerning the adoption of redevelopment plans or redevelopment projects and the designation of redevelopment areas. A recommendation of approval only occurs if a majority of the commissioners vote to approve a redevelopment plan, redevelopment project, designation of a redevelopment area, or an amendment; a tie vote is considered a recommendation in opposition. The redevelopment plans, redevelopment projects and the designation of the redevelopment area must receive final approval of the governing body of the municipality.

On July 6, 2021, the Webster Groves City Council adopted Resolution #2021-33 convening the TIF Commission. Read the resolution here.