Ivory Crockett Park Renovations

BackgroundMayor Gerry Welch & Ivory Crockett

Ivory Crockett Park is located in North Webster at 106 Almentor Ave.

The park was created in 1971 and was known as Central City Park. In 1994 it was renamed Ivory Crockett Park after Ivory Crockett, a 1968 graduate of Webster Groves High School who broke a world record when he ran the 100-yard dash in 9 seconds claiming the title, "The world's fastest human."

Park Renovations

Ivory Crockett park is scheduled for renovations over the next few years. The park improvements were a priority of the City Council who were instrumental in moving the deadline for renovations forward.

Phase 1:   Resurface basketball courts and replace asphalt walking paths with wider concrete ¼ mile loop. 

Phase 2: Community Input: The City of Webster Groves is seeking community input from those who use the park. An initial survey will allow the City to see what the community enjoys most about the park and what changes they'd like to see moving forward.

Phase 3: Develop a timeline of renovations based on community feedback.

Phase 4: Seek future input on individual projects as needed. 

Community Input

Ivory Crockett Park basketball and tennis courts, playground, pavilions, parking lots, and walking paths need renovation. This community survey was designed to gain feedback from those who use the park regularly and have an idea of what additions and renovations would be most appreciated by the community. 

If you would like to share feedback on the park, please fill out this survey

Current Amenities at Ivory Crockett Park

Here's a look at the current amenities and offerings at Ivory Crockett Park. 

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