Old Webster Redevelopment Project

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Register now for the September 24, 2020 virtual town hall meeting with SG Collaborative to learn about and comment on refined draft concepts for the redevelopment area. Draft concepts will include [insert info from SGC]. We want to hear your input on what is being presented to our community.

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About the Webster Groves Redevelopment Project

The City of Webster Groves, using a robust public engagement planning process in 2008 called the Development Foundation (Gould Evans) Plan, identified a number of potential redevelopment areas including the Gore, Kirkham, Rock Hill and Pacific area of Webster Groves. The Webster Groves Redevelopment Project entails this area of the city. Redevelopment is an opportunity to change positively the landscape of an area while strengthening the fabric of the community. That is why public input is so important.

The City’s selected developer, SG Collaborative, is responsible for funding and implementing the Webster Groves Redevelopment Project conceptual design process. The City is responsible for overseeing the process, encouraging public participation and ultimately voting on the redevelopment conceptual designs and agreement in order to move the project forward.

Why does the City get involved in redevelopment and planning?

    Help contribute to the financial security of the city

    Bring in new businesses that contribute to fabric of the community

    Protect and enhance city assets and infrastructure

    Promote a welcoming, inclusive and enjoyable environment for residents and visitors

    Promote the arts and beautify areas

What does redevelopment entail?

From the City’s perspective, redevelopment is the opportunity to use the City’s economic development tools and planning laws to attract business and investment, improve infrastructure, and increase city revenue and housing options. 

What is Webster Groves’ redevelopment process entail?  

Redevelopment in Webster Groves is initiated by either 1) a private business or developer approaching the City on a particular project or 2) the City prioritizes areas for redevelopment using community input and Council’s planning goals and then issues a Request for Proposals to identify a developer. In the case of the Gore, Kirkham, Rock Hill and Pacific area, the City issued a Request for Proposals for developers interested in transforming the future of this area. 

In either case, a redevelopment conceptual design proposal is produced and brought forward to the Planning Commission and City Council for consideration, review and potential adoption. 

This spring, Webster Groves issued a Request for Proposals from development teams to work with the community to produce conceptual plans for redevelopment that fit in the fabric of Webster Groves. SG Collaborative was selected, and they are responsible for funding and exploring the redevelopment conceptual design process.

The City (staff, Mayor Welch and City Council) will work with SG Collaborative to make sure residents have many opportunities to participate. SG Collaborative, using market data and design professionals, in partnership with residents and City officials, will create a draft redevelopment conceptual design that will be reviewed and voted on by the Mayor and City Council by the end of 2020.

What is the City’s desired timeline for redevelopment?

 Webster Groves city officials understand that given the current economic conditions, it will not be easy to determine a final timeline for redevelopment. SG Collaborative has estimated they will have a final redevelopment conceptual design ready for review and discussion by the end of 2020 after several rounds of public input. Preliminary designs will be submitted to the city for public discussion and input in the Fall.

Read more about SGC’s timeline.

How does the City work with SG Collaborative?

City officials work closely with SG Collaborative to make sure residents, stakeholders and businesses have the opportunity to weigh in on the vision, designs and terms of the redevelopment plan. 

Who has the final say on the redevelopment plan?

Webster Groves Mayor and City Council will vote on the final redevelopment plan following months of robust public engagement and several rounds of public hearings in front of the Planning Commission and City Council.

Has the COVID-19 economic downturn affected the timeline or ability of the City to do the redevelopment project?

COVID-19’s economic impacts have had a devastating impact on Webster Groves and those across the region. While we do not know the full extent of the economic impact long-term, we know we have an incredible opportunity with this project to take our time and get it right!

    SG Collaborative funds the redevelopment planning process - it has no impact on the City’s general fund.

    SG Collaborative plans for extensive redevelopment planning and public engagement; we will be able to use this time to get additional feedback and refine concepts.

    SG Collaborative is focusing on business, housing, commercial and quality of life attractions that will likely be in high demand in Webster Groves.