What We Have Done

General Recycling Programs
  • Citywide Single Stream recycling program
  • Deskside recycling
  • Reduced printing of annual budgets and comprehensive annual financial reports
  • Partnering with various entities to recycle cell phones, inkjet cartridges, fluorescent lamps, tires and used motor oil
  • Installation of recycling containers in all major and some minor parks
  • Old Webster and Old Orchard Commercial recycling program - "Everything that Tears"
City Hall Initiatives
  • 2009 AmerenUE Energy Audit
  • Lighting reduction
  • Closed attic openings
  • Installation of light sensors
  • Insulation of attic roofs
  • Rebalancing of HVAC
  • Anti-idling policy developed and issued
  • Use of low mercury vapor fluorescent tubes, as well as paints, varnishes and solvents with low Volatile Organic Compound
  • Training on stormwater management, green building codes, and understanding native plants