Personal Training

Our personal trainers are well-prepared to assist clients in reaching personal fitness, wellness, and weight goals. 

Group Training with trainer, Becky Wibbenmeyer, is a popular Fitness Center Program. Call or email us today to find a group for you or form a group of your own anytime Monday through Saturday.

Click (here) to submit a Personal Training Inquiry Form and one of our trainers will call you soon after.

1-on-1 Exercise Coaching

Whatever your goal, we have a plan for you. Each session is one hour.
  • One Time Workout/Q&A Consultation: $60
  • Basic Program Design (three sessions, includes assessment and exercise plan): $175
  • Continued Coaching 1-3x/week: $340 for 6 pack, $495 for 9 pack


Daily fees paid upon entrance.

Partner Training

  • One full session: $40/person (no discounts for buying more than one session)

Group Training

  • Meet with friends and learn how to use the entire fitness center, with focus on strengthening your core, posture and "everyday strength". You will learn how to safely and effectively get stronger, more flexible and better conditioned using free weights, medicine balls, fit balls and kettlebells, along with many body weight mat exercises. All ages are welcomed - call about joining a group or get your own group together.